General Election 2017


General Election 2017

From the perspective of the Hive, this election was the poignant one for our generation due to the large democratic representation that we upheld when it came to deciding what kind of future young people wanted and the one that's best for us.


Youth Council's View on General Election 2017:

On top of this, young people are in general agreement that this was the election in which they felt that they made the most difference and their voices were genuinely heard on a national scale. Consequently, many feel hope in the aftermath of the election and a newly found confidence in the future of youth politics and the path that we're deciding to take as a generation and as a society.

Valuing Young People's Board:

As a young person, it felt like a fantastic opportunity to be present in a meeting that would actually impact the lifestyles of young people in Manchester. In these meetings with the board, there's a consistent atmosphere of positivity and ingenuity in consideration to what will be best for the young people of this city. It's also an amazing place to network and meet new people who have completely different mindsets that influence the way you look at things- it's an untold greatness that any young person can and will experience at these types of groups.

Young Carers Group (Manchester Communication Academy)

Along with another young person in the Hive (Hannah), the high school that we represent have set up a young carers group in which young people can enter an environment wherein they're accepted and where any stress is guaranteed to be alleviated. I can speak from first hand experience as I've attended the group's sessions and it's -without saying- that it's rare to meet a group of such supportive and light hearted young people.