Reko Reports! - Third Party Reporting Centres


Reko Reports! - Third Party Reporting Centres

Do you know what third party reporting centres are? Because I didn't until I went to this meeting...


I attended the Manchester City Council's Hate Crime Awareness Training, to get more knowledge of how Third Party Reporting Centres work, and how effective they are currently for young people, and how effective they can be for the future.


From the knowledge gained at the meeting, there are currently 36 Third Party Reporting Centres in Manchester, particularly places such as the Powerhouse and Factory Youth Zone, which are youth hubs.


I also found that there were no schools or colleges that are Third Party Reporting Centres, however there are plans to communicate with schools and colleges in areas where hate crime or incidents happen more often than others; for these schools and colleges to consider becoming reporting centres so students have someone to go to if they feel they or someone else have been victim to a hate crime or hate incident.


At the meeting, one attendee was from The Manchester College and they did show a willingness to get onboard and become a reporting centre. They would be the first college to do so.


There are minimum requirements to becoming a Third Party Reporting Centre, and once granted this status, they will recieve a welcome pack whereby they can advertise and promote that they are a place where people can report hate crime or hate incidents.


The process of reporting a hate crime or incident at a Third Party Reporting Centre is relatively simple. For example, anybody can report a hate crime or hate incident, and they can do so online at various reporting websites. 


However, they can speak to a trained member of staff at a Third Party Reporting Centre, and they will fill in the information online on their behalf. 


This information gathered will help in the direction of the upcoming Manchester Youth Council campaign, called -

Commonunity: React, Report, Re-think