YouthForia - October 2016


YouthForia - October 2016

A mini Manchester Youth Council blog about our Mental Health and Young Carers and Identity and British Values workshops.


8.10.16 - Preston

Mental Health and Young Carers workshop

At this YOFO we worked as a group to identify issues that affect young carers and mental health. A group of young people from YOFO took part in workshops and presented and interactive drama workshop to identify issues and how young people could help others if they knew someone who was struggling to cope at home or in school or college.

Identity and British Values workshop

During our second workshop we looked at identity and how young people identify and what defines them as a young person, in their home life, community, school and country.

Hasaan Amin and Vanessa Attipoe (MYP 2017) spoke of their experiences as young people and how people sometimes defined them by their colour and not just for who they are.

Everyone agreed that how you identify is not defined by the colour of your skin, but by what you believe, your faith, culture, family, friends and much more define you to be unique.

A discussion was held around the issue of identifying as black in today’s society and what did it mean? Should we we be defined by our colour and who decides if you are black or brown?

All young people had different issues around identity and share their thoughts with others at the event.