Curriculum for Life


Curriculum for Life

Last year over 142,000 young people voted the need to have a Curriculum for Life as the most important issue for them. This means that, young people are saying that the education system needs to do a lot more to prepare them for life after school and college!


What are we calling for

  • We want PSHE to cover all we need to actively participate in life! We want to know about finances, relationships and sex, the political system, cultural awareness and community cohesion, sustainable living and citizenship!
  • We want our teachers to be trained so that they are empowered to deliver quality lessons.
  • We want time set aside in our timetables, we don’t just want it to be a time filler or random lessons.
  • We want it to be taught in all schools to all pupils! No matter where you live or the type of school a young person goes to, they should have a curriculum which prepares them for life!


Want to engage

Link to toolkit:

Current actions:

> Use social media to say why a curriculum for life is important to young people. Please use #pshe4me so we capture it.

> Set up a meeting with your MP and get them to support the calls in the campaign

How to feedback

There is a link in toolkit where young people can tell us how they got on; young people can feedback after each action they complete and should be encouraged so.  The link will close at the end of the campaign.