Corporation Pop: UX Research - Make our app better

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Corporation Pop: UX Research - Make our app better

MMU Business School
Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 11:15

Corporation Pop are currently developing an innovative mobile app (code named Patient’s Virtual Guide) that accompanies child patients through the hospital system, improving the patient experience by providing relevant information at every point of the journey. The app uses augmented reality and games to help demystify hospital processes and procedures and is aimed at 8 – 14 year olds.

We’d like to know what your children (and you) think of what we’ve done so far. We’ll be asking lots of questions like, ‘Is it easy to use?’, ‘Do you like the design?’, ‘What about the colours?’, ‘Can you think of a better name for it?’, ‘What would make the app better?’

You willl get to meet the team developing the project, play with the prototypes we have developed so far and influence the app’s future direction by providing invaluable feedback.

We call it User Experience Research!


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