The Group

The Group

Here's where you can learn more about Manchester's Children in Care Council, known as The Group.  


Who Are We?

  • We are a group of young people who are either in care or have been in care and our ages range from 12 to 18 years
  • We may be in foster or residential care or be living with a family member
  • We have around 8 core members who attend our care council meetings once a fortnight at Manchester Town Hall
  • We are also a part of the Manchester Youth Council which makes sure that young people’s voice are heard and they influence decision making

What Do We Do?

  • We talk about issues that young people in care face every day
  • We look at ways to tackle problems and make things better for young people
  • We provide a safe space for young people to share their feelings and views
  • We work with council staff and other professionals to help improve services
  • We consult with wider groups of young people - so it’s not just our views that get heard
  • We lead on meetings with our Corporate Parenting Panel

Click here to read about our recent trip to The Regional Children in Care Conference.

What have we done? 

  • The Promise ( pledge) - An agreement signed by all senior people at the council to promise to respect, support, care and help us
  • Open Air Cafes -  We ran events across the city to get young people’s views and chance to meet other young people
  • Interview panels for staff - We have interviewed staff including the Director for Children’s Services ( 2016) and Chief Executive of the City Council (2017)
  • Locked Boxes Policy - Every young person is now given the option of having a box to keep personal things in
  • Social Worker’s Mobiles Policy - Every young person has their social worker’s work mobile phone number
  • Achievement Awards Consultation -  We consulted with young people on issues important to them and raised them with our Corporate Parenting Panel
  • Opening up the Regional IRO/Cafcass Conference - Members from The Group & The Change Group gave inspirational speeches to professionals and read our Poem
  • ‘Brightspots’ Survey - We asked Coram Voice to feedback to us at our Corporate Parenting Panel meeting and came up with ‘We Will’ statements
  • The Shout Magazine -We help to ‘youth proof’ and provide some content to the magazine for children in care
  • Better Information for Preparing for Independence - We raised this issue with Corporate Parenting Panel which resulted in better information online for Care Leavers and also helped make sure ‘Brightspots’ would be rolled out to Care Leavers
  • MOMO app - We said we wanted MOMO and now we are getting it! We are going to be helping to make sure everyone knows about it
  • Regional Children in Care Council meetings - We have helped to plan the first ever regional conference for children in care across the North West
  • Youthforia - We have attended the regional youth council events and influenced which topics go onto the National Make Your Mark Ballot
  • Portrait Youth - We have taken part in a project which explores identities of youth through style, fashion and dress with the work being showcased in Central Library

Where & When:

We meet on the first Monday of each month in the town centre at the youth council office and usually meet from 5pm until 7.30pm

In addition to this we also attend the following

  • Weekly Youth Council meetings (not all members)

  • Corporate parents three times a year

  • Regional meetings with other children in care councils

  • Annual children in care council meeting event


You, your carer, your social worker or your Independent Reviewing Officer can contact the engagement team by emailing a referral to us at and we can arrange for you to be a part of our group