Manchester Young Carers Strategy Launch


Manchester Young Carers Strategy Launch

12 - 18 June 2017 is Carers Week - to mark this Manchester City Council is launching the Young Carer's Strategy 2017-2019


Our Manchester Young Carers have played a huge role in developing the Young Carers Strategy.

Yasmina Lee, Manchester Member of Youth Parliament (2014/5) and Young Carer, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of young carers are recognised.

Yasmina spoke to MYC about the responsibility of being a young carer:

Raising awareness of the young people, often hidden in plain sight is crucial, as young carers we try our best to juggle responsibilities of caring for family members and keeping up with school work.

It’s hard for carers to ask for help as we don’t want people to think we can’t cope, but if you’ve been up all night caring for someone and had no sleep, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything, and so we fall behind. Our social life disappears because we worry about staying away from our family and stress out if we have to spend time away from them.

Having a space for young carers to get together is a good idea. We know what it feels like to do the job we do, having a group and being given time to talk about problems with someone else who gets us, is important to us. Lots of young carers have mental health issues often caused by the stresses of caring.

By getting together, getting support, having space to talk about our problems and sharing some issues that only a young carer will get, helps us to support each other to get the professional support and advice that is sometimes need.

Our group can can influence change and enable other young carers to have their voice heard.

It’s really important to us that others to recognise the work we do and empower us to make life better for other young carers.

It’s important for people to be aware of the problems faced by young carers and to know the best way to support them.

We have representatives for young carers in Manchester Youth Council and we work together to make sure young carers are on the agenda in all aspects of the work the MYC do.

We don’t want medals we just want to be recognised, supported and get on with our lives.

Manchester Young Carers Strategy 2017-19

12 - 18 June 2017 is Carers Week - to mark this Manchester City Council is launching the Young Carers Strategy 2017-2019

>> You can download the strategy here
>> You can find the staff briefing slides here

In Manchester we know there is a significant under-identification of young carers. Young people often care for family members without the knowledge of their school or other support services. This could be things like helping someone to dress or wash, cleaning, shopping or looking after their siblings.

Without support, young carers can struggle at school and miss out on a proper social life.

Further information for young carers is available here

This strategy and campaign will help to let people know more about young carers and will help young carers to be empowered and make services better for them.